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The best way to get in touch is via e-mail to:

My address is 39B Hillcrest Park in South Hadley, MA 01075-2979.

You can reach me by phone at (413) 533-2017.

Thank you for visiting my web site.

Comment on my papers (on Academic page), if you like.

Please stop in at any time.

Below is a visiting people counter, originally put on the web site around June 15, 2010.

Below are a goodbye picture and video.  Run the video if your computer setup is fast enough.  Expand the picture using the zoom function (under View).  Also, you can expand the video to the full screen, if you desire to.
Unfortunately, the video does not play correctly (it is actually me sitting down, as in the Goodbye picture, and talking).  Apparently, the problem is that my Logitech camera takes .wmv videos, while the Tripod web site accepts .avi ones.

Click Here to View My Goodbye Picture

Click Here to Play Goodbye Video