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I have three degrees in Chemical Engineering including a Bachelors from Villanove, an M.S. from Penn State, and a Ph.D. from UMass in Amherst.  Years later, I picked up a Certificate in Computer Science from Handisoft in Philadelphia.

Additionally, I took an array of college courses until retiring.  The main emphasis here was in the field of Biotechnology, which best belongs in the field of Chemical Engineering.  (There was no Biotech back when I was in college.)

I have gained expertise in the areas of Combustion and Energy, beginning really with my M.S. and Ph.D. theses, and some courses back then too (in Combustion and Spectroscopy).  This continued onto my work experience at the U.S. Bureau of Mines and Combustion Engineering.

Some expertise was attained in the field of Water Treatment while employed as an executive (Research Director) at LIWT (the Lenox Institute of Water Technology).

In later years, I have done some teaching at Abilitech, a school for the disabled (almost the entire CS curriculum), Springfield College (Computer Science) and Elms College (the Physics lab and Physical Science lecture and lab as an Adjunct Professor).  I retired from teaching at the age of 65 in 2009.

Through the years, I admire character traits that can help to describe an outstanding individual. These traits include:

  • Bring intelligent
  • Being kind
  • Being realistic
  • Being ppen to continued learning
  • Being flexible
  • Being fearless about the future
  • With an understanding of politics
  • Being able to work through complex problems
  • Being meek
  • Being able to "read"
  • With no bad habits (such as drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling extra sterioids, or even profanity.)
  • Being wary
  • Being alert
  • With a good sense of humor.
  • -------------------------------------------
  • Of all these, the two most important character traits to me are being intelligent and kind, with kindness preferred first of these two. 
  • Negative character is demonstrated as being ignorant, perverse, gross, and grotesque.

Given below are pictures of Ginny and Ann, my two favorite people, lovers and friends  into forever.  They are both deceased.  These pictures can be expanded using the Zoom function from the View Menu.

Ginny and Ann both have 100% character, while mine is 67% (higher than any other male by far, on average).  I am extremely high in being wary.

Click Here for Ginny Picture

Click Here for Ann Picture

Other positive character traits that I have include being  a near-beyond genius, decent, friendly, beyond fear,  philosophical, neat (not making a mess, to begin with), an environmentalist (living it), a near-vegan vegetarian, thrifty, and straightforward.

The idea of having my own web site has been in the back of my mind for several years now.  It gives me another outlet for expressing myself and for having relationships with people I would not know otherwise.
My personal nature pictures have been added to almost every page at this site.  Also included are pictures of myself (on the Contact Me Page) and Ginny and Ann (above).  The page background schemes are of a modern, colorful theme.
As it turns out, keeping this site up-to-date is becomming a difficult-to-impossible task, such as my being retired now.  Therefore, at this time, I am no longer going to edit this site

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